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Epulor dimensions

Height                                      29.25" | 743mm

Length                                         77" | 1955mm

Width                                          48" | 1220mm

Weight (excluding glass)                          27kg

Leg length                               55.5" | 1410mm

Base width                                 34.5" | 880mm

Base height                             28.75" | 730mm

Decresco dimensions

Height                                           18" | 460mm

Length                                    45.25" | 1150mm

Width                                       26.37" | 670mm

Weight (including glass)                           20kg


Epulor table

For those who refuse to compromise on either style or function, the Epulor oval table is the ideal choice for on board dining. Handcrafted from mirror finish 316 stainless steel and glass, the exquisite Epulor table seats six in comfort. The soft curves are perfectly echoed by those of the smaller Decresco side table, which shares the same flawless quality of workmanship. The Epulor table can be disassembled simply for stowage.

Materials     316 stainless steel | oval or customer specified glass top

Design         Timeliss

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